Who can join?


Retail Florists

Any firms, corporations, or individuals of good reputation who are actively engaged in the floral business.


Educational Institutions

Educational institution of any related field of study to floristry.


Wholesale Florists & Suppliers

Individuals, firms, corporations, or employees of active members of good reputation engaged in business kindred to the floral industry.


Member Benefits

  1. Access to any and all NDSFA events.
  2. Listing on our Member Directory page.
  3. 2 free seats at Annual Convention including design shows and access to all our vendors.
  4. Scholarship opportunity.

Official Objectives of the Organization

The objectives of this association are to promote and encourage the exchange between members of ideas, principles, policies, and methods of conducting the floral business and generally further the floral industry. Also, provide members with educational opportunities such as design shows, seminars, tours, and/or trade fairs and keep members up to date with the latest trends and advancements within the industry.



Follow the link to download the application for membership. (Download coming soon)