The mission of the North Dakota State Florists’ Association Scholarship Program is to promote and encourage the educational pursuits of professional florists.

The Jennifer Ross Janes Lowe Scholarship

This scholarship requires a passion of the floral industry: for learning, sharing and developing the skills applicable to this field. It will provide the recipient with the sum of $400.00, which must be used for any floral industry-related class from a NDSFA Board-approved facility or program. Please contact a NDSFA Board member PRIOR to registering or attending any program or facility. This scholarship is awarded based on the recipient’s potential future development in the floral industry.

Application Guidelines

  • Applications are available from any board member at any time, or at the NDSFA Annual Convention.
  • The application must be received by a standing board member no later than October 31st of any year.
  • Scholarship recipients are chosen at January’s board meeting.
  • Must be a NDSFA member in good standing.
  • The number of scholarships awarded in each calendar year may vary, based on the availability of NDSFA funds set aside each year for the scholarship program. In addition, any one person is only allowed one scholarship per year.
  • Any NDSFA member or current employee of a NDSFA membership shop is eligible to apply, provided they have been employed for at least one year at a floral shop.
  • The check will be made payable to the recipient and paid at the NDSFA Annual Convention.
  • The scholarship must be used in the calendar year in which it was issued, and it is not transferable or eligible for use in any other manner.
  • The recipient will be required to provide a small presentation at the NDSFA Annual Convention.

Get me an application!

Once you land on the forms page click the Scholarship Application and it should download. Note: the form is an Excel File.